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The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that Marsh Supermarkets may be for sale.

The chain, which was bought by Sun Capital Partners three years ago for $88 million and the assumption of more than $200 million in debt, reportedly is “lean and profitable” after a restructuring effort that cut $70 million in costs and sold off $80 million in real estate.

The Journal suggests that rather than being sold as a unit, the chain is likely to be broken up and sold piecemeal.
KC's View:
The simple fact is that almost everything is for sale at the right price. But it is getting the right price that is the trick, especially these days.

Perhaps Sun needs the money. But you wouldn’t think that this would be the perfect moment to sell off a supermarket chain, whether as a lump or in pieces. (Just ask Ukrops.)

Could Marsh get sold? Sure. But my sources tell me that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.