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The Miami Herald reports that Ireland’s Superquinn supermarket chain has struck a deal with the Florida Department of Agriculture to promote the state’s strawberry crop.

According to the story, “After an August meeting between state officials and Superquinn administrators, growers were enlisted to cope with increased demand. Berries are being shipped from Tampa and Orlando directly to Dublin.

“The venture is the latest in the state's ‘Fresh from Florida’ marketing campaign, which has featured more than two dozen products. Participating grocery chains agree to include ads for Florida products in their advertising pages.”
KC's View:
I mention this story not because it represents anything highly unusual, but because my first reaction when I saw it was the issue of eating local, which so many people have pointed to as being the best way to both insure high quality and save the planet.

But, of course, it isn’t that simple. They probably don’t grow a lot of strawberries in Ireland, so the quality issue is moot. And what’s the point of living in a global economy if it doesn’t give you access to interesting foods from other places around the world?

I’m not even sure there is a moral high ground in this discussion. There are perspectives, and arguments, on both sides. What’s interesting to me is the idea that the issue even popped into my mind when reading what should have been a fairly innocuous story,

These are things we need to think about. All the time. Because promotions like these aren’t just about strawberries anymore. You have to think about them in the context of something larger.