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Bloomberg reports that the US Senate has killed a bill that would have loosened the restrictions on importing prescription drugs into the US from Canada and other countries.

Fifty-one of the chamber’s 100 senators voted for the measure, but Senate rules require 60 votes for passage.

Supporters of the measure maintained that the bill would have given Americans access to drugs that are the equivalent of those sold in the US but cost less; opponents - including the major drug manufacturers - said that the import of such drugs would leave Americans vulnerable to counterfeit medications. In addition, opponents say that the higher cost of US drugs actually fund research and development of new medicines and that allowing drug imports would cut down on R&D efforts.
KC's View:
Some folks also argue that if there is meaningful health care reform in this country, we won’t really need to import drugs from other countries as a way of saving money.

But if one thing seems clear in Washington these days - and there is very little clarity about anything that goes on in the nation’s capital - it is that the health care debate is a mess. At this point, I’m pretty much convinced that whatever gets passed - if indeed anything gets passed - will make the situation worse rather than better.

Neither side has made the case persuasively, it seems to me. Well, that’s not true. One case has been made very persuasively - that our method of governance seems to get more dysfunctional every day.