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The Washington Post reports that Sam Kass, who serves as an assistant chef at the White House as well as “food initiative coordinator” for the Obama administration, is now part of a US Department of Agriculture video on YouTube that shows “Kass and Agriculture Department officials readying the South Lawn garden for winter. A group of what appear to be a dozen volunteers set up hoop houses -- a kind of temporary greenhouse -- in which staff members will grow cold-weather greens for the White House table. The group also planted a cover crop of rye, which will help protect and enrich the soil during the cold months.”

According to the story, “Kass introduces the USDA video. In it, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan talks up a new agency program called ‘Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food,’ which helps support smaller farmers and local and regional food systems.”
KC's View:
Hoop houses on the White House lawn? I wonder what James Hoban would think...