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Advertising Age reports that Unilever is using the Super Bowl for a major new product launch - its new Men&Care line that is just finding its way to store shelves.

The commercial reportedly will focus on “men who are comfortable in their own skin,” but will not use a male version of the “campaign for real beauty” effort that the brand used successfully for its women’s products.

While Unilever can be a potent marketer, Ad Age notes that the line extension is by no means a slam dunk: “The men's personal-care market has grown steadily in the U.S., but not at the explosive rate some marketers hoped for when it first began to emerge in earnest last decade. Men's brands such as Procter & Gamble Co.'s Old Spice and Unilever's Axe have fared well and have seen steady growth in body washes. But brands with more of a female identity, such as Nivea and L'Oreal, have found tougher going in the men's market. Even P&G's Gillette has faltered with last year's hair-care launch, which was soundly beaten by Axe and has been discontinued in Walmart stores.”
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