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A new study sponsored by Catalina Marketing on the subject of weight management reveals that “devotees of name-brand diets or lifestyles spend, on average, more than $3,400 on groceries per year. However, those who eat largely low-fat foods, regardless of brand, as a lifestyle choice spend just over $800.”

According to the report, the unprecedented number of Americans trying to lose weight can be a coup for manufacturers– if campaigns are focused on the most relevant consumer segment.

“The goal for CPG brands becomes less about selling to as many shoppers as possible and more about encouraging high purchase volume from a relatively small core audience,” said Sharon Glass, Catalina Marketing’s group vice president of health, beauty and wellness. “By communicating with each consumer based on individual preferences, loyalty is sustained and real profitability is recognized.”
KC's View:
What this means, I think, is that supermarkets ought to be more directly targeting all the various weight loss systems and programs that are promoted with such alacrity in magazines and on cable television. It will take aggression and ambition. But the numbers are compelling.