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The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that some Ukrop’s employees are meeting with their new bosses from Ahold USA, getting training and human resources information.

Ahold has entered into an agreement to buy 25 Ukrop’s Super Markets in Virginia, a deal expected to close within a month. Part of the deal requires Ahold to keep Ukrop’s employees.
KC's View:
Having gone through these sorts of meetings myself over the years, I’m sure that at some level the sessions are intensely painful for the Ukrop’s folks, who are worried that the culture to which they have become accustomed - and that they have helped mold over years of work - is going to vanish. (I always felt like I’d been sent to a re-education camp. You might gather that I wasn’t always the most cooperative student, especially because I could never shake the feeling that I was being lied to.)

Here’s the one thing that I’d suggest. It is as important - maybe more important - for the folks at Ahold to listen during these meetings as it is for them to talk. Despite its somewhat ignominious end, Ukrop’s has a lot to share with the new ownership, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of it.