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• The Columbus Dispatch reports that Giant Eagle has begun selling an expanded selection of Kosher fresh foods at three of its Ohio stores. According to the story, “the Pittsburgh-based grocery chain has joined Kroger in expanding kosher offerings, sought not only for religious reasons but also by those who believe kosher food is safer because of rules governing its preparation.”

USA Today reports that Burger King is poised to open its first US Whopper Bar - selling beer in addition to its familiar burgers and fries - in Miami’s South Beach area next month. According to the story, this is a limited effort, with Burger King targeting specific regions for the Whopper Bat concept, such as New York and Las Vegas.

The Whopper Bar will initially sell just Anheuser-Busch and Miller Coors products in aluminum bottles, though the door seems to be open to a more eclectic selection as the concept matures.
KC's View:
While I get the idea that BK only wants to use the concept in certain regions, I think they’re missing a good bet. After all, there are tons of options in the markets they are targeting. On the other hand, some poor guy takes his kids to a Burger King in a remote area where there are very few other is in that place that a cold beer might seem very, very attractive.