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• The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that “unionized grocery workers have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract with Albertsons, with a vote scheduled in Denver on Thursday, Colorado Springs on Friday and Grand Junction on Tuesday. No details about the proposed deal are available. Albertsons becomes the second of the three major grocery chains in Colorado and Wyoming to reach an agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 7. Most King Soopers bargaining units ratified a new five-year deal with the union last month, although five units with 260 workers rejected the company’s offer. Most Safeway units rejected their company’s offer, while 15 bargaining units with 1,700 workers accepted it.”

• Pork manufacturer Farmland Foods said yesterday that it is the first pork company to receive the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) designation “Never Ever 3” for its “Simply Natural” line of fresh pork products, which have “no antibiotics, no growth promotants, and no animal by-products.”
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