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The National Retail Federation (NRF) is out with its annual Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, suggesting that “couples will spend an average of $63.34 on gifts for their significant other or spouse, compared to $67.22 last year. The average person will shell out $103.00 on traditional Valentine’s Day merchandise this year, similar to last year’s $102.50. Total holiday spending is expected to reach $14.1 billion.”

The survey also says that “the average person will spend $5.37 on friends, up from $4.74 last year; $4.29 on classmates and teachers, compared to $3.59 last year; and $2.84 on co-workers, slightly up from the $1.94 they spent in 2009. Family pets will also feel the love this year with the average person spending $3.27 on their furry friends, up from $2.17 last year. Spending on family members will remain the same ($20.94 vs. $20.95 last year).”
KC's View:
So people are upping their spending on Valentine’s Day presents for their pets, who have no idea what the hell a Valentine’s Day is, and are lowering their spending on spouses and significant others.

Yeah, this makes sense.

Erich Segal must be rolling over in his grave.