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The Washington Post reports that there is a proposal circulating in the Maryland State Senate that would look to limit the number of new fast food restaurants in Prince George’s County, in a move that seems similar to those that have been proposed for South Central Los Angeles.

The concern is that there are so many fast food restaurants in the area - and, in some cases, so few establishments selling healthier alternatives - that it creates a no-win scenario for residents. “According to a state assessment of children's health in Prince George's in 2002,” the Post writes, “nearly 40 percent of children ages 2 to 11 were overweight. Most were in lower income families. The study said 33 percent of adolescents had eaten three or more meals at a fast-food restaurant in the previous week.”

Opponents of the proposal say that fast food restaurants are being unfairly targeted, and that a more holistic approach to health - including recreation centers, physical education in schools, and healthier food served in schools - would be more effective.
KC's View:
I tend to be skeptical about such moratoriums, but even more about the people who claim that the obesity crisis is the other guy’s fault.