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A new study from The Nielsen Company says that “the great majority of U.S. households -- 9 out of 10 – say they will be watching Super Bowl XLIV at home or at a friend’s or relative’s house instead of watching it from a restaurant or bar.” However, the study also says that “only five percent of households expect to spend more on food and beverages for the Super Bowl this year.”

The Super Bowl is said to be a big day for snack sales, as “viewers across the country stock their at-home parties with snacks, nearly 166 million pounds of snacks, especially salty snacks. Potato chips reign, with more than 44 million pounds of snacks sold while tortilla chips and pretzels also rank high for Super Bowl sales. The Super Bowl snack with the greatest growth? Popped popcorn.”
KC's View:
At the Coupe household, it will be the same thing it is every year - red beans and rice, corn bread, and cold beer.