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USA Today reports that Cadbury shareholders have voted overwhelmingly to accept Kraft Foods’ $19.5 billion bid for the company, a move that closes the deal and combines the two in a colossus with $50 billion in annual sales and with operations in 160 countries.

Now, the paper writes, the focus shifts “to how Kraft will combine the American and British companies and prove it was worth the often-bitter fight.”

Kraft has said that it anticipates $675 million in savings from the acquisition, though some experts believe that there could be a major culture clash between the two companies that could lead to layoffs at Cadbury. However, Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld has said that she is “interested in this company for its brands and its people.”
KC's View:
I’m glad that this story has moved onto the next stage. Because writing about the back-and-forth battle during the acquisition process was sort of boring. The integration process should be a lot more interesting.