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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that First Lady Michelle Obama plans to unveil her anti-obesity campaign today, which is described as “part of a government effort to reframe the debate about the nation's expanding waistlines,” shifting the conversation “away from achieving a particular weight or dress size and instead emphasize the benefits of good nutrition and physical activity.”

According to the story, “In an event at the White House scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Obama plans to outline an effort months in the making to improve childhood nutrition and physical activity. The White House in recent days has contacted some of the nation's largest food companies to prepare them for its push ... Ms. Obama's plan has four planks, according to people briefed on it. She wants to improve nutrition and physical education in schools; promote activity such as walking and biking in community planning; make healthy food more available, particularly in poor areas; and make nutrition information on food packages clearer.”
KC's View:
The notion that the conversation needs to be made less negative and denial-focused and steered in a positive direction simply makes sense to me.

The effort is going to require everybody working together. Which leads into our next editorial story...