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The New York Times reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “wants to encourage manufacturers to post vital nutritional information, including calorie counts, on the front of food packages.

“The goal is to give people a jolt of reality before they reach for another handful of chips. But the urgency of the message could be muted by a longstanding problem: official serving sizes for many packaged foods are just too small. And that means the calorie counts that go with them are often misleading.” Which means, according to the Times, that “the FDA is now looking at bringing serving sizes for foods like chips, cookies, breakfast cereals and ice cream into line with how Americans really eat. Combined with more prominent la
KC's View:
One health expert tells the Times that serving size listings are “inconsistent and unintuitive,” which strikes me as being an understatement.

It is rare that posted serving sizes match up with reality...though I have to concede that I’ve always sort of suspected that my reality may be different from most people’s. But the truth is that probably is not the case. On the other hand, any changes made by the FDA should not cater only to what people want...a serving size needs to be reasonable and accurate without being so large that it encourages people to eat more than they should.