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Ahold said yesterday that it has completed its acquisition of Ukrop’s 25 stores in Virginia, and that it will convert all the units to its Martin’s banner and begin opening them on Sunday and selling beer and wine.

"Though the name on the front of the store will change later this spring, customers can expect to find the same friendly store associates including pharmacists," says Rick Herring, president of the Giant-Carlisle division of Ahold, which will operate the stores. "Will associates be available to carry customers' bags to their car if they would like? You bet they will!"

The Ukrop family reportedly will continue supplying fresh foods and bakery products to the chain.
KC's View:
It is a shame that one of the nation’s iconic independent food retailers has now been relegated to history.

On the other hand, you have to figure that the sales at these 25 stores are going to increase by 10-20 percent almost overnight ... just because they are selling products that Ukrop’s would not sell and staying open on days that Ukrop’s remained closed.