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USA Today carries a story saying that 170 tons of tainted milk powder that was supposed to be destroyed after it was originally discovered in 2008 was instead repackaged and put back on the market.

The story notes that while the Chinese government had pledged to be more vigilant about food safety and ordered that all of the milk products tainted with the industrial chemical melamine be destroyed, it did not supervise or handle the destruction itself, and at least five different companies there are suspected of having put the products back on the market.

There is no evidence to this point that any of the tainted dairy products have found their way into the global marketplace, but the government also has not been commenting on the new discoveries.

Melamine was originally used in the dairy products to ramp up the appearance of protein, which allowed the manufacturers to garner a higher price.
KC's View:
The Chinese Communist Party may be the ruling political party in the People’s Republic of China, but it certainly appears that old fashioned moral corruption in the pursuit of high prices - not to mention the spectacle of politicians saying one thing and doing another - seems to be flowering there as well.

China continues to be one of the best arguments for intelligent, efficient and effective Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).