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Customer intelligence consultancy Market Force Information says that a new customer survey suggests that Wegmans was the consumer favorite in the supermarket category, and Costco ranked highest in the mass grocer category.

The company says that “Kroger received the highest number of votes from consumers across the country. This initially placed Kroger atop the list with 11 percent of the votes ... Publix and Safeway followed with 8 percent and 7 percent respectively.

But not all retailers are created equal. While Kroger has almost 2,500 stores in North America, Wegmans – with just 75 stores – has less than one-thirtieth that number. Yet, Wegmans scored 3 percent of the total votes for favorite supermarket. Since consumers are likely to vote for retailers most familiar to them, Market Force drilled down into its results to determine which store chain would win out when the number of store locations was factored in. This analysis moved Wegmans to the top ranking position with a 9 percent score, followed by ShopRite with a 5 percent score, and Albertsons and Whole Foods each with 4 percent.”

The report goes on: “When looking at mass grocers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target and Costco, Market Force found similar results. While Walmart garnered the highest number of total votes, with fully 42 percent of the total, its store count must also be factored in. When re-indexed based on the number of stores, Costco took the lead.”
KC's View:
Might as well say it. How many other people are surprised that in the weighted rankings, Albertsons does better than Kroger?

I’m sure the methodology is defensible, but I’m equally sure that for a lot of people it will not pass the sniff test.