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Interesting story in the CBC about Canadian coffee-and-doughnut chain Tim Horton’s, which recently banned a New Brunswick paramedic from two of its stores because he complained three times about the coffee tasting burned.

"In this particular case, we understand the customer had complained multiple times, and no matter what the staff did to make it right, he was unhappy," says company spokesman David Morelli. "He became increasingly aggressive with store staff and was impacting their ability to serve other customers. Our staff work long and hard to please each customer every day. But at some point, we have to respectfully agree to disagree, and suggest we go our separate ways."

Legal observers say that the paramedic may have a case against Tim Horton’s if he chooses to pursue it...but that it may not be worthwhile to do so over a cup of coffee.
KC's View:
Man, if I banned every one of the MNB readers who complained about me, I’d put a hurt on my subscription numbers.

Someone sent this story to me yesterday looking for a reaction. To be honest, it sounds like the guy wasn’t banned for complaining about the coffee as much as he was banned for the way he complained. At some level, we all need to try to be civil...though if this guy’s paramedic career doesn’t work out, maybe he can move south to the US and run for Congress, where civility seems to be nothing but a quaint memory.