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Smoothie retailer Jamba Juice said yesterday that it is introducing a line of Hot Blends beverages to supplement its traditional chilled line. here’s how the company describes them:

“Made with the highest quality ingredients and blended hot with the customer’s choice of organic nonfat, 2% or soymilk, the Hot Blends™ beverages come in four frothy flavors: Original Spiced Chai™ Tea, Perfectly Chocolate Chai Tea, Heavenly Green Tea, and Classic Hot Chocolate.  For those who prefer their tea steeped, Jamba Juice will also offer a profile of six Mighty Leaf organic whole leaf teas—allowing customers to enjoy uncomplicated, natural teas that pair perfectly with Jamba Juice oatmeal and newly introduced baked goods including the Tart Cherry and Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Scones.”
KC's View:
All of which sounds like Jamba Juice is getting more aggressive about competing with the national chains that have been fighting over consumer coffee choices.