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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that in New Zealand, Weight Watchers has struck a deal with McDonald’s that will allow the fast feeder to use the Weight Watchers logo on its menu boards for certain appropriate products. However, some nutritionists are criticizing the arrangement as a pure marketing ploy that really doesn’t promote healthy eating.

Bloomberg Business Week reports that Nestle SA has completed its $3.7 billion acquisition of Kraft Foods’ pizza business.

• Guiding Stars, the Delhaize-developed nutrition navigation system - evaluating every product in the supermarket and then assigning one, two or three stars to products that meet the standards of a proprietary algorithm and are determined to be good, better, best - has struck a partnership with the schools of Regional School Unit (RSU) #14 Windham Raymond School District in Maine. Guiding Stars will now rate every product sold in the systems schools - starting at the high school level, and working down into the elementary schools - as a way of educating students about nutrition.
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