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The Los Angeles Times writes this morning about how soup, which helped to get the nation through the Great Depression because it was considered an economical and nourishing meal, hasn’t experienced much growth during the Great Recession.

“As a retail category, soup has been a laggard,” the Times reports. “For the 12 weeks that ended Jan. 23, soup sales fell 6.7% and slid 3.3% for the 52-week period, Citigroup said, again citing Nielsen data.

“This isn't just hurting Campbell. General Mills Inc., which makes Progresso, and ConAgra Foods Inc., home to Healthy Choice, is also under pressure.”

The reason? Experts say there are two. One is that soup companies and retailers haven’t done enough price promotion in the category at a time when shoppers are looking for value and seeking sales. And two, there are more alternatives out there then there were in the past, meaning that simple and economical meals are more available to shoppers.
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