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USA Today reports that Target will begin implementing a new system this week that will allow consumers to access social coupons via their mobile phones.

According to the story, “Shoppers interested in Target's program must ‘opt in’ by registering at the company's online or mobile websites, or by texting the word ‘COUPONS’ to 827438 ... Once registered, shoppers receive a text message on their phones with a link to a mobile Web page with various offers, which can all be accessed through a single bar code. Target says the program works with any phone that has a browser and data plan ...The coupon is redeemed when the bar code on the phone is scanned at checkout. Offers are good only once and expire on the dates listed.”

USA Today writes that “new coupons will be issued on a monthly basis as older ones expire, although the number and frequency may evolve as the program expands. The coupons cannot be used on”
KC's View:
Good idea. All of these sorts of concepts need to be tested and then tested again. Because one of them is going to be an enormous hit.

One MNB user had a take on this:

The interesting tidbit was that they were using this technology to inform customers about product information, in order "to replace the employees who often aren’t as knowledgeable about products as are their product listings and reviews on".

Perhaps other retailers could take that another step, by adding value to their employees, training them in the use of the smart technology to engage the consumer at the brick and mortar locations. Their employees could become more knowledgeable, and feel connected to the goals of their store, and drive a competitive edge. If their employees tend to be younger, they may already have the smart phones that the stores want to use as a lure. What better consumer than your own employee?

Excellent point.