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I get emails every once in a while from MNB readers asking about the ‘Your Views” section, and the criteria used for choosing the emails that I post. There have been a number of these emails lately, so let me take a moment to reiterate my longstanding approach to “Your Views”...

• I get anywhere from 25 to 200 emails a day from MNB users, depending on what stories and commentaries have caught their fancy or provoked them to outrage. I read all of them. However, I simply cannot respond to every email because of the volume. But trust me...I read all of them.

• I choose the emails that run on MNB based on which ones seem to be advancing a conversation that I think is worth having. Or seem relevant. Or particularly literate or touching. Or the emails that make me laugh. Ultimately, I’m asking you to trust me to make “Your Views” provocative, illuminating, and entertaining. Just like the rest of MNB.

• It makes no difference whether the emails agree with my position, except that the ones disagreeing with me tend to have a slightly better shot at high positioning.

• I don’t run emails that make personal attacks on anybody other than me. The ones that attack me, as often as possible, run first.

• When “Your Views” doesn’t run, it is because I am swamped with work and have not been able to get through the emails, or because I am traveling, or because I had a rare weeknight invitation to go somewhere (like to a ballgame, which I never turn down), or because I’m tired. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

• I don’t run emails that seem to have another agenda, or that seem mean-spirited or offensive, or that seem to come from the lunatic fringe. It isn’t that I mind reading them, or mind the fact that there are some wingnuts out there who seem to enjoy MNB. (This is a “big tent” website.) But I figure your time is precious, and it is part of my job not to waste it.

That’s about it. Those are my six rules...though they actually are more like guidelines because I believe in a rule-free work environment. Except, of course, for the “no long pants between Memorial Day and Labor Day” rule, which is sort of a core value around here.

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email.
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