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The Chicago Tribune reports on a new study from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) saying that over the past century, Americans have been “cutting back on beef and milk but have beefed up on cheese and chicken. Soft-drink consumption has soared from about 15 gallons per person to about 45 gallons in the last half-century.

The story also says that “The USDA's national consumption maps show that areas around Chicago and northwest Indiana; Atlanta; San Antonio; Austin, Texas; New York; Baltimore; New Jersey; Philadelphia; and Washington had the highest levels of in-home fruit and vegetable consumption. These areas also had some of the highest in-home meat consumption.

“Packaged sweets, though popular around Chicago and the New York area, also found some of their biggest consumers in upstate New York, Utah and parts of Idaho, Nevada and Nebraska. Chicago scored near the middle in soft-drink consumption, which is highest in parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky. Three of those states also have the highest adult obesity rates in the nation.”

Analysis of the USDA story by Harry Balzer of the NPD consumer research group suggests that many of the shifts can be seen as money-related. He says that items like chicken and soft drinks are cheaper than beef and milk, which has helped drive consumption changes. And the growing popularity of cheese? Balzer says, “"The No. 1 meal we eat today in America is the sandwich, and whether it is turkey or roast beef, it can come with cheese.” In addition, he notes, pizza has become a national meal...and it almost always has cheese on it.
KC's View:
At least until those damned liberals decide to start taxing every slice of pizza sold in America as a way of controlling as much citizen behavior as possible. When they succeed, it won;t just be a victory for socialism, but it’ll also have a negative impact on cheese producers.

The end of the world may be at hand.