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USA Today reports that the Interprofessional Committee of Champagne Wine has come up with a new standard bottle for champagnes - two ounces lighter than the old bottle, which it says will cut carbon emissions from vehicles used to transport it. The new bottle is 29.5 ounces, compared to the old bottle’s 31.7 ounces; the committee says that the change will save carbon emissions comparable to the annual output of 4,000 cars.

According to the story, “the industry worked with glassmakers on the new bottles to ensure they can hold up under the pressure of the bubbles. Until the late 19th century, champagne bottles often exploded from that pressure — a problem that went away as glassmaking techniques improved.

“Some vintners have begun using the new bottles already and are pleased with the results, said Sonia Smith, director of the Champagne Bureau, which represents the champagne industry association in the United States.”
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