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HealthDay News reports that 61 percent of USA adults describe themselves as drinkers, though 25 percent of Americans say they have been abstemious their entire lives.

In addition, the study - conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics - offers some details about how the numbers break out:

• While 68 percent of men say they drink alcohol, 55 percent of women say they do.

• Thirty-one percent of women say they are teetotalers, while just 18 percent of men describe themselves that way.

• “Higher education boosts the likelihood of alcohol use,” the report says. “Among respondents, nearly three-quarters with graduate degrees drink, compared to 44 percent of those who lack a high school diploma ... Richer people drink more: Just 45 percent of adults in families with incomes below the poverty level reported drinking, compared to 73 percent of those who have incomes four or more times the poverty level ... the report also noted that adults with higher levels of education are less likely to smoke, to be obese and to sleep less than six hours a night.”
KC's View:
Guilty on almost all counts. Except the sleep part. Six hours, I’m afraid, seems elusive.