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A new survey by KPMG says that more than 75 percent of university students said job security was more important to them than pay and benefits. Security also outpolled such job factors as “real opportunities to learn new skills and develop themselves personally and professionally,” “challenging and exciting work,” and “working with and learning from talented colleagues.”

What this suggests, according to the survey, is that organizations able to offer new employees a definitive career development program, as well as some sense of security, will be in a preferred position for many students looking to start their careers.
KC's View:
I thought young people wanted constant challenge, a level of autonomy, and a real sense that they were affecting the conduct of business.

A lot of people would disagree with me, and I concede that the Great Recession probably has altered a lot of mindsets. But I think security is vastly overrated, especially as a primary goal.

If you find work that you love so much that it doesn’t seem like a job....or even like work....and you are willing to dedicate yourself to being the best you can be while doing it...then security will follow. At least, it will in most times and in most places.

But few things are better than really loving what you do. And all the security in the world won’t compensate for a job that isn’t rewarding and challenging.