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Advertising Age has what in the journalism biz is called a “second day story” about Walmart’s decision to bring back some of the secondary and tertiary brands that it had previously eliminated as part of its SKU rationalization effort, which was aimed at emphasizing top national brands and its private label.

“Realizing the culling actually "aggravated" consumers,” Ad Age writes, “it's now restocking hundreds of brands and products eliminated or curtailed months ago and taking a new look at other categories where it has streamlined assortment.”

According to the story, company management seems to be minimizing its moves as relatively minor, while outside observers say that it is a broader effort than the retailer is admitting.

"They were arrogant and ignorant, which is a dangerous combination," a person described as “close to the retailer” tells Ad Age.

Reuters reports that Walmart has confirmed that it will launch a new advertising campaign focusing on low grocer prices within the next six weeks.
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