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• The Grand Rapids Press reports that “Spartan Stores and Walmart both have announced new price cutting strategies that include making those price drops obvious to shoppers as they go down the aisle.

Spartan Stores, which operates 96 stores across the state including Family Fare and D&W Fresh Markets, will launch its new price campaign Sunday. Stores will highlight deals with large, yellow sale signs hanging from the ceilings and shelves. One sign, for example, trumpets ‘This week's big deal’.”

In addition, “Walmart, the country's largest grocery retailer, also plans to pump up its promotions over the next six weeks, it has told market analysts. Starting April 1, customers would be greeted by signs advertising price rollbacks on 10,000 items, mostly food.”

Fox News reports that a husband and wife on Long Island, New York, are facing charges that they tampered with packages of Jell-O pudding mix - buying them, replacing the mix with sand and concrete, and then attempting to return them for a refund.
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