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The Virginian-Pilot reports that there remains a lot of uncertainty in Virginia about the future of Farm Fresh. “After the longtime president of Farm Fresh retired early this month, all eyes turned to parent company Supervalu Inc. to see what changes it might make to the supermarket chain,” the paper writes. “Within a week, Supervalu appointed Gaelo de la Fuente to replace Ron Dennis at the helm of Farm Fresh. He has not made himself available to talk about Farm Fresh, and the corporate owner in Eden Prairie, Minn., also has little to say.”

One thing that Supervalu is saying is that it plans no immediate changes.
KC's View:
The sense I get is that the smart money believes that there is little question that there are going to be changes at Farm Fresh ... greater centralization for one thing, and at least some banner conversions into the flavor-of-the-month Save-A-Lot format for another. There are none in Farm Fresh’s market ... at least for the moment.