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Wakefern Food Corp. announced that it will now include grocery products and consumer-packaged goods in its wholesale agreement with New York City-based Gristedes Markets. Since 2008, Wakefern has worked closely with Gristedes to provide the 33-store chain with its ShopRite private label brand, as well as health and beauty aids, dairy, frozen and specialty grocery product offerings.

“Expanding upon our existing agreement with Gristedes represents the steady growth of our wholesale business,” said Joseph Colalillo, chairman and CEO of Wakefern Food Corp. “Leveraging Wakefern’s buying power and expertise in procurement, as well as the company’s full range of brands, products and services, results in a significant point of differentiation for our customers.”

In 2007, Wakefern expanded its business to include wholesale sales to other retailers, taking the company beyond its traditional Northeastern market. Wakefern creates wholesale programs and store-specific solutions that provide a diverse mix of product offerings and retail strategies to address the needs of any customer.
KC's View:
Gristedes may be a famous old retailing name, but at this point there is so much dust on it that the history has to be almost irrelevant to most of the customers who live in its marketing areas. I walk into a Gristedes store, and my first impulse is to look around for my grandmother...and she’s been dead for two decades.

It’d be a lot more interesting retailer if the stores were sold to Wakefern’s independent ShopRite retailers and operated more aggressively and, well, independently.