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It was nice to see that some companies had a sense of humor last week, and celebrated April Food’s Day with a sense of humor, tongues firmly in cheek. Some samples of what we saw:

• PCC Natural Markets in Seattle created a new home page for the day, featuring products such as “free range and locally raised marshmallow chicks,” “gluten-free water“kombucha floats,” offering lessons in how to boil water, and recommending the use of plastic bags, high fructose corn syrup - all with style and panache.

• At the Byerly’s store in Golden Valley, marketing director Greg Mack arranged for an unexpected bit of musical theater at the checkouts, with local student actors performing a song called “Mealtime Hero” - to the delight of both customers and employees, none of whom knew what was planned.

• On its blog, Starbucks promoted two new drink sizes - Plenta, coming in at 128-ounces, and Micra, a two-ounce drink.
KC's View:
And, of course, there was the annual MNB April Fool’s entry, which I was pleased to discover fooled a whole bunch of folks on Thursday.

As John Prine once wrote, “It’s a big old goofy world.” And not only do I like it when other people have a little fun in it, but I intend to have about as much fun as I can for as long as I can ... and appreciate it when you all are willing to indulge me.