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USA Today reports that KFC will today “announce plans to nationally roll out a breadless chicken sandwich that uses two boneless chicken fillets as the bun - then squeezes two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheese and some sauce in between.” The sandwich costs five bucks, is called the “Double Down,” and is initially designed to be a limited time offer.

According to the story, “the sandwich, which comes complete with 1,380 milligrams of salt (about 60% of what the federal government recommends for an entire day's consumption) and 10 grams of saturated fat (about 50% of a day's supply), would seem to be a slap in the face to nutritionists - and nutrition advocates such as Michelle Obama - calling for more restraint from the nation's foodmakers.”
KC's View:
It sounds awful. I’m just amazed they could find a way to get congealed chicken gravy into the mix, just to make it really disgusting and unhealthy.