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The Wall Street Journal reports that “the new ad campaign for Coca Cola's Vitaminwater hints at a use for enhanced waters and sports drinks that is part of conventional wisdom among many college students and young professionals: hangover relief ... One of the new spots, called ‘Epic Night,’ features a young male character getting knocked in the head with a hammer, while a voice over asks, ‘Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, minus the bed? Your brain's throbbing, and your face is in a pile of nachos?’

“The voice-over goes on to assert that Vitaminwater's purple ‘Revive’ flavor has B vitamins and potassium, and will help rehydrate you after ‘these apparently epic nights’.”

The story notes that the ad campaign is aimed at reversing a decline in Vitaminwater sales, which were down 22 percent last year after a decade of steady growth.
KC's View:
For me, when I was in college, hangover relief came in the form of burritos and chocolate shakes at Jack-In-The-Box ... a combination that makes me sick just to think about it right now.

I have no problem with this ad campaign. Critics say that the science is questionable, and I suppose there will be a review by federal regulators to make sure that Vitaminwater has not crossed the line.

However ... I do have a bit of a problem when a Vitaminwater spokesman tells the Journal that the ad doesn’t explicitly say that the “epic night” in question involved drinking, and that this is being inferred by viewers. Give me a break. The campaign is good, but the caveat is too clever by half.