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Coming off a two-week period in which it lost the private label business at both Safeway and Supervalu, Daymon Worldwide announced this morning that it has landed ICA Norway as a new client and will develop and manage its Private Brand and Fancy brand assortments.

ICA is one of the four largest retailers in Norway with a 10 percent market share, operates more than 1,000 stores across four banners, and is the only international retail operator in Norway – the others are exclusively domestic.

“Part of our vision and strategy as a company is to continue to focus on international growth and this new addition nicely rounds out our portfolio,” says President and CEO Alex Miller. “We now operate in 22 countries outside of the US ... We have always been known as change agents, and this addition to our growing portfolio is yet another example of how we continue to move forward.”
KC's View:
This ought to be good for morale. Daymon is doing what all companies have to do - you have to spread your bets around the table, and (to mix the metaphors a bit) make sure all your eggs are not in one basket.