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In Ireland, the Herald reports that one of the television networks, RTE, has suddenly gotten a boost in the ratings ... compliments of Senator Feargal Quinn, the founder of the iconic irish supermarket chain.

The Herald describes him as “74-year-old supermarket tycoon Feargal Quinn,” and here’s how it reports the story:

“Quinn, who is best known as the driving force behind Superquinn, has become one of the broadcaster's unlikely stars after a successful stint as host of retail programme, Quinn's Retail Therapy.

“Most of the half-hour consumer segments have landed in the top five most watched programmes on the network, and he has been attracting impressive audiences since the show debuted earlier this year for a six-episode stint. The retail magnate has secured audiences of more than 500,000 viewers, catering to a public that is eager to learn about his recession-proof business skills.

"’The show has proved a huge hit with viewers, thanks to Feargal's warm and down-to-earth presenting style, and the fact that the programmes are positive news stories for a change in this recession,’ RTE said.

“The supermarket king-turned-politician has fascinated viewers, who have witnessed him rescue a number of struggling businesses.”
KC's View:
I cannot tell you how much this story pleases me.

Feargal is an old friend and a longtime supporter of MNB, and the idea that he is now an Irish television star is hardly surprising.

It is a lot more surprising that he is 74 years old - his energy is of a man eternally youthful. And he is the least likely “tycoon” that I can imagine. That word ought to be reserved for people like Donald Trump. Except for his choice of socks, Feargal is about as low-key and approachable as a successful businessman and politician can be.

Great guy, terrific idea for a show...and a wonderful story to report here on MNB.