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The Triangle Business Journal reports that Harris Teeter is tweaking a two-month old, two-story story that it opened in the Raleigh-Durham area, moving departments around in response to consumer requests.

According to the story, “the work will begin the evening of April 12 and will be completed the week of May 10. The wine set and floral gallery will be moved upstairs, while the cereal, juice and baking aisle will be moved downstairs.”
KC's View:
One of the things about the current retail environment is that it makes getting feedback and tracking behavior a lot easier. But once you have the information, you have to actually act on it. What Harris Teeter is doing is paying attention and demonstrating both flexibility and sensitivity - which is exactly right.

BTW...I keep hearing nothing but good things about Harris Teeter’s new stores - that they are first class all the way, both in terms of products and presentation.