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• In Chicago, Fox News reports that a study done by Loyola University and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) says that a new Walmart store will not necessarily bring new jobs to the city.

The researchers say that after a Walmart opened in the Austin neighborhood of the city in 2006, 82 of 306 businesses there have actually gone out of business, and that the area lost as many jobs as it gained when the Walmart opened.

According to the story, “Walmart said the researchers’ methods and conclusions are flawed. Walmart admits that while the area did lose jobs, the new store actually led to the creation of 400 new jobs outside the store.”

• There are published reports saying that Walmart is negotiating to acquire a 25 percent stake in Lenta, the Russian hypermarket chain. This is the latest in a series of rumors about Walmart and Lenta that have persisted in recent years, with this one saying that a deal in principal has been reached with just the details needing to be worked out.
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