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The Arizona Daily Star reports on a free, public charter school in Tucson called the Children’s Success Academy that has unique food rules - “it bans not only white flour, but refined sugar and anything it defines as processed food.” Only juice that is 100 percent juice is allowed. And, the paper writes, ”Among the ‘no’ foods: flavored yogurt, canned fruit, American cheese, processed meats, white bread, peanut butter made with sugar, and virtually all packaged crackers except Triscuits, because they are baked with whole grain.”

The school has no cafeteria, so all school lunches have to be packed by parents, some of whom say they find the rules a little strict...but the school administration believes that the academic performance of children is directly linked to what they put in their bodies, saying that “healthy eating, healthy problem solving skills and a healthy sense of self-worth create a strong foundation for academic success.”

There are no exceptions. Not on Halloween, not on Valentine’s Day, and not even on kids’ birthdays.
KC's View:
This seems like a little over the top...but then again, you have to apply to and be accepted by this school. And its website seems to suggest that the approach - combined with other things like small classes - gets results.