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MNB almost missed this - yesterday, April 15, was the 25th anniversary of the date upon which Jim Koch started selling his Samuel Adams Boston Lager in Boston, an occasion that was observed by the Boston Globe, which wrote:

“Patriots Day 1985 marked the emergence of American beer drinking from the dark ages, according to Koch. Twenty-five years later, Boston Beer is the largest independently owned US beer maker, and one of the world’s most successful craft brewers. It has expanded from the original lager to offer 19 year-round beers under the Sam Adams name, and a rotating collection of seasonal and specialty brews, including the recently launched Barrel Room Collection ... Today, Boston Beer is publicly traded and turned a profit of $31.1 million on revenue of $440 million last year, while shipping just under 2 million barrels of beer.”
KC's View:
Can it be a quarter century since I had my first Sam Adams? Great beer, terrific company, and a wonderful example of how the little guy can effectively compete in a market dominated by behemoths.