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The Chicago Tribune reports that “the first round in the latest battle over a new Wal-Mart in Chicago went to the retailer Thursday as the city Plan Commission endorsed a shopping center anchored by the store for the Pullman neighborhood.

“But the proposal that would bring a second Wal-Mart still faces major hurdles in the City Council, where aldermen allied with labor unions have again put forward an ordinance that would require businesses receiving financial aid from the city to pay workers at least $11 an hour. Wal-Mart officials have balked at that idea.”

There is currently just one Walmart within the city limits, and plans to build more have thus far been effectively opposed by union interests and some neighborhoods that fear the loss of local businesses and jobs.
KC's View:
There’s a long way to go before Walmart gets that second store. And the debate about the contributions and impact that Walmart makes will be loud, long and contentious.

In other words, my definition of a good time.