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The Arizona Republic reports that six Pro’s Ranch Market stores in the Phoenix area had to let go some 300 employees this week after they were found by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to be working illegally in the US.

According to the story, the employees are able to appeal the decision but cannot work during the process. A Pro’s Ranch Market spokesperson said that the former employees apparently used forged documents to get their jobs, and that the company had complied with all laws and requirements. However, the Republic notes that the retailer could face fines in the case.

The Republic also reports that terminated employees were given “packets containing an immigration resource list, parting message from the company's president and a $250 grocery gift card.”
KC's View:
Tough times for Pro’s Ranch Markets, which now has to replace 300 employees and deal with the perception that it was giving American jobs to illegal workers in a state where immigration is, to say the least, a hot button issue.

It is important, of course, that the federal government enforces immigration laws. I am more troubled by the state legislation now on the Arizona governor’s desk that would require local law enforcement officials to determine whether people are legal or illegal based on suspicions; I’ve seen people on TV saying that cops are perfectly capable of deciding whether to ask for documentation based on how a person looks, whether it is how they comb their hair, or what kinds of shoes they are wearing. (Really?)

This strikes me as a disaster waiting to happen. It won’t be long before the wrong person gets arrested, and a lawsuit gets filed against the police, and issues of racism and abuse bring a simmering issue to a full boil. And it won’t be pretty.