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Internet Retailer reports that Walmart-owned Asda Group in the UK has introduced a new “Order Online, Collect InStore” service that covers 97 percent of the country, “enabling customers to receive goods ordered online at the local store or at their home.”

There are some 1,100 vans used by Asda to deliver merchandise from more than 160 stores, according to the story. And, the story says, “Growth over the next half decade will come, in large part, from extending the online reach of Asda and its affiliated brands, the retailer says. One area where the retailer hopes to expand its online sales is through, its e-commerce site for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel. Asda hopes that 10% of George sales come through the site by 2013. The retailer did not detail the current level of sales.”
KC's View:
The show that has not yet dropped here in the US - but inevitably will - is Walmart’s move to sell groceries online, probably for in-store pickup (at least in the beginning). It has the stores, it has the technology, and it has the infrastructure. And, I’m convinced, it has the ambition.

If you are a food retailer, you ought to be working as if this is a certainty, not just a likelihood. Von Clausewitz wasn’t talking about retailing, but he might have been when he said that one should prepare for what the enemy can do, not what you think the enemy might do.