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Walmart-owned Asda Group in the UK has announced that it is firing what it calls “the final shot” in the British supermarket wars, pledging that the “Asda Price Guarantee” insures that “it cannot, and will not, be beaten on price.” According to the announcement, “The launch of the Asda Price Guarantee heralds the official end of the grocery price war between all the major supermarkets, and covers over 13,000 branded and own brand products, and items on promotion.”

Andy Bond, CEO of Asda, says,"From today, Asda cannot, and will not, be beaten on price. Our grocery guarantee puts an end to the phony price wars that most shoppers are sick of.  Plain and simple, our Price Guarantee is our cast-iron promise that your basket of shopping will always be cheapest at Asda. And for the millions of shoppers who go elsewhere, my challenge is this - come to Asda this weekend and see for yourselves how much you'd save.”

The company says that “if shoppers can purchase a basket of eight or more comparable products cheaper elsewhere, the retailer will give them the difference, plus a penny more for good measure.”
KC's View:
Asda may say that this is the “final shot,” but I’m guessing that Tesco may have something to say about that.