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It was announced this week that Tribune Media Services has decided to stop syndicating the “Little Orphan Annie” daily comic strip, which has been a mainstay for many newspapers for more than eight decades, and has even spawned a Broadway musical and movie.

However, while “Annie” may no longer have a home in the nation’s newspapers, she will apparently continue to live - online. Tribune said that it “is taking Annie into the
Internet age by pursuing new audiences for her in digital media.”
KC's View:
Part of the problem is that “Annie” may be hopelessly dated, but the real problem is that newspapers are dying. People don’t need them anymore to get the news, and they certainly don’t need them to read the funnies.

I read “Doonesbury” every morning. Online.

No print or paper required.

The bad news is that newspapers’ plight prove that technology and changing consumer behavior make almost every business vulnerable to obsolescence if the people running those businesses don;’t stay current and relevant. The good news is that there are always virtual long as you grab them.