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Friday marked the first day of the Copper River Salmon season, as Alaska Airlines made a big deal of delivering 22,000 pounds of the fish to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, from which it was distributed to supermarkets and restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s how describes the delicacy, which is said to be loaded with Omega-3 oils and is only available from mid-May to mid-June every year:

“How could salmon be THAT good, you may ask? It’s the amazing and sometimes torrid, Copper River. The river’s icy pure and pristine waters and rugged landscape have created an environment perfectly suited for salmon to develop their renowned flavor.

“Salmon have spawned here for centuries, leaving those who taste this athletic sportsman with no higher salmon plateau to climb.

“It’s the 300-mile trek to their spawning grounds through more than a thousand foot ascent. It’s the naturally unspoiled and pristine landscape and waterways – a majestic beauty hard to find elsewhere. It’s the generations of salmon fishing families; their devotion to sustainable fishing practices marked on their smiling faces and hardened hands.”

Consumers pay a premium for Copper River Salmon - it can retail for as much as between $30 and $40 a pound.
KC's View:
I was unbelievably lucky last week - I was in Seattle on Friday and was taken by my friend Diana Crane (of the great PCC Natural Markets) to a restaurant called Salty’s where they had just gotten their first shipment of Copper River Salmon. I cannot even describe to you how wonderful it was - melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and some of the best salmon I’ve ever had.