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Reuters Health reports that a new study by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health in the UK suggests that “consumers who opt for organic foods often believe they are improving their health, but there is currently no strong evidence that organics bring nutrition-related health benefit ... Moreover, they found, what studies have been done have largely focused on short-term effects of organic eating -- mainly antioxidant activity in the body -- rather than longer-term health outcomes. And most of the antioxidant studies failed to find differences between organic and conventional diets.”
KC's View:
To be fair, this isn’t exactly a stand-alone study of organic food benefits...if I am reading it right, it actually is a study of all the legitimate studies that the researchers read and analyzed.

At the very least, it is hard for me to accept that organic foods have no just doesn’t make any sense. But this is a debate that will continue ad infinitum...