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It was pointed out to MNB yesterday that the Content Guy had ignored the 4-2 victory on Monday night of the Philadelphia Flyers over the Montreal Canadiens, sending the Flyers to the Stanley Cup finals, where they will play the Chicago Blackhawks.
KC's View:
It was not an anti-Philadelphia bias that caused me to miss this. It was a complete ignorance of all things hockey. I was blissfully unaware that the season was still ongoing - I thought that all the ice had melted and that spring was in the air.

And while I am perfectly capable of an anti-Philadelphia bias - I am, after all, a suffering Mets fan - in this case it strikes me as worth saluting a team that the New York Times described as “a team that won only 41 of its 82 regular-season games, a team that made the playoffs on the last shot of the last day of the season.”

Is that enough love for you, Shawn?