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Marketing Daily reports on a Mintel study suggesting that Americans generally have an inadequate understanding of the need for fiber in their diets and how they can best get it.

Here are the relevant passages:

• “Nearly one-third (30%) of survey respondents report that they make it a point to eat naturally fiber-rich foods, and 37% say that they can get enough fiber from regular foods, so supplements and foods with added fiber are unnecessary, reports the market research firm. Yet, studies show that most Americans are failing to meet recommended daily fiber intake levels.”

• “Some of the reasons: 27% still think food with added fiber usually has an unpleasant taste, 22% don't fully understand that fiber is important to health (that lack of fiber is associated with cancers, heart disease and diabetes, for instance); and 25% think that fiber is only necessary for those who suffer from irregularity or other digestive problems.”
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